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PRIMUS-tilting table

The PRIMUS Tilting and Vibration Table is characterized by its homogeneous vibration.

This results from the construction of center-profile concept and cantilever arms which tapers towards the outsides of the table.


Therefore torsion-free tilting process independent of asymmetric load.


Additional positive effect is the reduction of the noise level in comparison to regular tilting tables. Table width between 3.0 m and 4.8 m and single length up to 18.0 m of each tilting table are possible.


on demand the PRIMUS-tilting tables can be delivered as linkable tablesTandemanlage ausgeführt werdenuf Wunsch können die PRIMUS-Tische auch als koppelbare Tandemanlage ausgeführt werden


By welding of two shorter tables in situ table lengths over 30.0 m can be reached.


On demand the tilting table can be delivered as tilting rust to be covered with timber.

On demand the tilting table can be delivered with vibration system which consists of external vibrators, distribution box and adjustable frequency converter.