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Adjustable staircase formwork for straight staircases


Straight staircases can be produced in different cast positions. Each type has its advantages and peculiarities. Therefore HOWAL GmbH offers for every type the optimal formwork.


SCALAPLURA-staircase formwork

The staircase is produced on the edge. This way all sides are fair-faced concrete. Specially easy production of upper and lower landings. Suitable for SCC.


VARIOTOP- staircase formwork

Overhead production for high quality elements. Specially suitable for fair-faced concrete staircases, for staircases with nosing strips or nonskid strips as well as for refinement such as sandblasting or grinding.



The VARIOTOP-staircase-mould combines the advantages of the upside-down-casting and the production over edge. This staircase-mould-system allows the production upside-down as well as over edge, each with fast and precise solutions for integrated landings


DELTA – formwork ramp

The staircase is produced in mounting position, specially suitable for very wide staircases with landing slabs or special staircases.